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Heartbeat Ministry
Ralph's Story
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Ralph Kelly is a well known singer, born and raised in Grayling, Michigan. After years of being in the same area, he decided to move to beautiful Cadillac, Michigan. With a family of five children and two grandchildren, he still finds time to play his guitar, write songs and go to many different churches to minister to those that believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and God, our father.


Ralph has been hard of hearing since birth but by the age of six, he started playing the guitar. He loved to play with his father. By the age of nineteen, he had this void in his heart. With great burdens and everyday strife on his shoulders, Ralph had had enough. He found that his burdens didn't belong to him as he handed his life over to Jesus.


By twenty-five, God had some awesome plans for Ralph. He started writing his own music. Getting criticism from people, he often wondered if he was doing the right thing. "Should I be singing with my hearing so poor?" he wondered.  But the voice from above is much stronger than we as humans. So Ralph continues to do God's work.


With the release this year of his first CD, "A Sweet Sound", it is clear that Ralph is following the call. He continues to be blessed as he receives bookings at area churches and gets awesome reports.


Ralph has over 50 songs in copyright and over 100 songs in melody form. His goal is not to get rich but for everyone to enjoy his ministry and have the opportunity to release more CD's in the future.


We pray that you take the time to listen and enjoy Ralphs music as he has enjoyed making it for you. Ralph wants to be an example to all.


"...with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26)